The primary goals of this activity are to increase each frontline care provider's competence to:
  • Recognize new developments in clinically relevant HIV pathogenesis and immune activation
  • Illustrate optimal HIV treatment in situations where treatment guidelines may not apply
  • Formulate treatment approaches to important comorbidities and infectious complications
  • Assess recent and expected future progress in antiretroviral drug development and use
  • Interpret and manage HIV drug resistance
  • Explore innovative approaches to improving the ART Treatment Cascade
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The primary goals of this activity are to increase each front-line care provider's competence to :
  • Recognize the indications for treatment of HCV infection as well as areas of uncertainty in treatment
  • Explain barriers to effective care of patients with hepatitis C
  • Distinguish the recognition and treatment of acute HCV infection from that of chronic infection
  • Demonstrate the approach to diagnosis and treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
  • Apply new information to manage disease in difficult-to-treat populations
  • Indicate new therapeutic drugs, pharmacology of HCV therapy, and resistance to treatments

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